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Due to an editing error, B.C. Keller of South Coast Repertory Theater was incorrectly identified. Mr. Keller and Eileen Smitheimer are coordinating the Sound Commission's new project, Gender and The Sound Arts. The Sound Commission will dedicate one of its program days to the project, with presentations by women working in the field, and a panel discussion about their experiences. Mr. Keller and Ms. Smitheimer are building a resource list for the 2006 Conference sessions, and are collecting anecdotal information for the project. Please contact Mr. Keller at to participate, or to pass on contact information or to relate your experiences.

In the same story, the e-mail address for Sound Commissioner David Smith was misstated. He can be reached at A corrected version of the complete article can be found here.

We apologize for the errors.

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Peter Foy Remembered at Tonys

Peter Foy was among the many great people connected with theatre remembered as part of this year's Tony Award presentations. A national audience was given a brief retrospective of those close to the profession who have left us in the last year.

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Keeping Up-to-Date

We urge all members to make sure the information which USITT has on file for them is accurate, especially e-mail contact information. When members are seeking other members, it seems a preferred method of communication is e-mail and if we do not have an accurate address available, helping to make that connection is difficult.

So, visit the member update form here or call 800-938-7488 to update USITT on current information. Be sure we have corrected address, telephone, and e-mail by August 15, 2005 because that data will be printed in the Membership Directory & Resource Guide. Your help is appreciated.

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