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Deadline August 15 for
Award Nominations

Dick Devin
Awards & Nominations Committee Chair

The USITT Awards Committee would like to hear from you! Any USITT member can propose someone to receive one of the wonderful awards given each year as part of the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo. This is an important way that members can get involved in the national and international interests and mission of the Institute!

Each of the awards represents a significant contribution to our industry or our organization, so it is important for members to have a role in the process. Nominations will be accepted through August 15 for awards given by the Institute for distinguished achievement and outstanding service to USITT, or a specific area of specialization.

All nominations should include the specific award for which a person or organization is being considered, a brief biography of the nominee, justification for the award, plus information on how to contact both the nominee and the person making the nomination. That information must include telephone numbers, complete mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses.

Nominations must be sent by August 15 to Dick Devin, Awards Committee Chair, at Or telephone 303-492-2782 or mail to Dick Devin, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, 277 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0277. If you have any questions or need help with the process, e-mail

The Committee on Awards & Resolutions, after deliberation, will vote on the award nominees and make its recommendations to the USITT Board of Directors for final action at its October meeting.

Awards that the committee considers are listed below, with a brief description of each:

  • The USITT Award is given to recognize a lifetime contribution to the performing arts community in any capacity. Recipients do not need to be members of the Institute or have any connection to USITT. Past recipients include Jarmila Gabrielova, Theatre Communications Group, and Julie Taymor.
  • The Joel E. Rubin Founders Award is given to a USITT member or members for outstanding and continued service to the Institute. Recipients include Lawrence Hill, James L. Moody, and Jay O. Glerum.
  • The Thomas G. DeGaetani Award honors an outstanding lifetime contribution to the performing arts community by an individual or organization living and/or working in the region of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. In 2005, Christopher Newton, Artistic Director Emeritus of the Shaw Festival was presented the award.
  • Special Citations are given to recognize extraordinary achievement in any area of theatre by an individual or organization. Citations have been presented to Gil Densham for developing WYSIWYG, Charlie Butten and Robert E. Cohen for their work on modern headset communications; Willard Bellman; and Oscar Brockett, among others.
  • Distinguished Achievement Awards are given to individuals with a career record of achievement in an area of specialization. Possible categories of achievement include scene design, lighting design, technical production, costume design, costuming, health and safety, engineering, theatre architecture, consulting, education, production management, sound design, or arts management. Nominees do not need to be Institute members. Nominations for the Distinguished Achievement awards normally come to the Awards Committee from or with the endorsement of specific USITT Commissions. Contact the appropriate Commissioner with nominations for these awards.

Refer to the USITT Membership Directory and Resource Guide or the awards portion of the USITT web site,, for the names of all past honorees as well as the criteria for each award.

Member participation is key to recognizing significant people in our profession and Institute, part of USITT's ongoing mission. Please take the time to make an award nomination. Your input is needed and important to the Institute!

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Gil Densham, who received a USITT Special Citation in 2005, was nominated for the award through the process created and followed by the Institute's Awards Committee. Nominations deadline for 2006 awards is August 15.

Photo/Tom Thatcher