December 2017

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December 2017

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Board of Directors Election 2018: Five Days Left to Vote

The USITT Nominations Committee is pleased to present the following candidates for election to serve on the Board of Directors. Each of the members nominated for a Board position is running for a three-year term.

Members as of noon, Eastern Standard Time on Nov. 1, 2017, are eligible to vote in the 2018 election and received electronic ballots via email. The deadline to cast your vote is Dec. 10, 2017.

USITT’s directors shape the future of our organization, so it is critical that all members participate in the election process. By doing so, you invest in the future of the Institute.


The Treasurer shall serve on the Board of Directors and shall provide oversight of all assets of the Corporation. He/she shall ensure appropriate financial reports are provided to the Board. He/she shall report regularly to the Board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health. He/she shall perform other duties as may be assigned by these bylaws, the Board of Directors and/or the President.

  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
    “Performing the duties of Treasurer go far beyond budgets and financial oversight. A successful relationship between Treasurer, the Board, and staff guides the Institute in accomplishing one of our most strategic goals: positioning USITT as a vital part of the industry.”
  • Kim Scott
    “I have been a member of the Finance Committee for over six years. The importance of this committee is paramount to me as it ensures the longevity of the organization and the benefits it can continue to provide to its members. As Treasurer, in collaboration with the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors, I would look to grow our corporate alliances to leverage the brand of USITT in the live entertainment market place.”

Vice-President Members, Sections, & Chapters

The VP Members, Sections, & Chapters shall advocate for, provide oversight, and serve as chief liaison for the Regional Sections, Student Chapters, and all membership categories to the Board and Institute.

  • Anthony Rosas
    “As the VP, my goal is to establish a network of section and chapter training that provides recurring and rotating annual experiences for all sections. I look forward to being the advocate for members, sections, and chapters.”
  • Andi Lyons
    “I am certain that creating a fully welcoming community within USITT will play a vital role in keeping our members engaged and committed, along with helping us to recruit new members from a broader spectrum. Simply stated, I am deeply devoted to USITT and hope to continue spreading the word about this extraordinary organization’s members, sections, and chapters.”

Vice-President for Exhibitions

VP-Exhibitions shall advocate for the appropriate physical representation of the industry’s work to inspire innovation and research.

  • Vickie Scott
    “If elected, I will continue to work on ways for the entire Institute to be as transparent as possible, to be as inclusive as possible, to build the membership of the Institute, and to ensure that we are providing a recognizable value to everyone involved in the organization.”
  • Jason Winfield
    “With the dynamic growth of the USITT organization, the work of the membership needs to be experienced, a clearer path of communication and submission of exhibit ideas needs to be devised, and new options of, and for, exhibits explored.”


The Nominations Committee has nominated 12 individuals for six positions as Directors for the Class of 2018-2021. Please select up to six Directors.

Directors are charged with the responsibility to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the Corporation so as to support its mission and needs.

  • Ashley Bellet
    “The Institute has a plethora of opportunities that many of its members are either unaware of or cannot access. I want to make sure that those existing platforms are made more present and serve as a platform that will allow instructors at all types of institutions to more fully integrate the values and resources USITT provides.”
  • Andrea Bilkey
    “Since my undergraduate degree, USITT has helped me build a network of colleagues that span education, professional theatres, vendors, dealers, consultants, and manufacturers, and it has increased my knowledge tenfold, not only as an artist and professor but also as a professional.”
  • David Glowacki
    “Our organization has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years and is now a recognized voice of leadership in the performing arts and entertainment industries. We have developed groundbreaking diversity initiatives and educational programs, and more projects are being planned. This all requires a tremendous amount of work, and I am seeking election to this position as a way to continue giving back by investing my abilities and talents to help support the mission and vision of USITT.”
  • Tony Hardin
    “I understand that compromising and collaborating does not mean someone wins and someone loses. As members of USITT, most of our goals run parallel to each other. Although there are 10 Commissions, we are one body. If elected, I will continue to serve and support the Institute, but now I would be more effective as your voice on the Board.”
  • Mitch Hefter
    “I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board again to further the mission of the Institute and continue my advocacy for the membership. I hope to continue to pursue USITT's active participation in standards, safety, and training for the performing arts, design and technology communities.”
  • Tammy Honesty
    “If re-elected, I plan to continue to faithfully execute all the duties consistently and in a timely manner. Being involved in USITT at both the regional and national levels has been an extremely rewarding experience. It is thrilling to be engaged in fulfilling the mission of the organization ‘to connect performing arts, design, and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialogue among practitioners, educators, and students.’”
  • Jenny Kenyon
    “As the Chair of the Awards & Resolutions Committee, I have tried to create more transparency in all awards processes — including rewriting the expectations and guidelines. If elected to a second term, I plan to continue my efforts to promote impartiality, fairness, the inclusion of all possible candidates within the awards process, and continue to increase the value of Institute participation for everyone.”
  • Dan Lisowski
    “If elected to the Board of Directors, I look forward to continuing the development of USITT into a 21st-Century organization. Since our Institute’s inception, it has served as an amazing resource to the membership. As we consider the future of USITT, we need to maintain the strengths of the current organization while considering what future role USITT will serve in the live entertainment industry.”
  • Verda Beth Martell
    “I believe continuous engagement offers continuous learning. If you are struggling to find a foothold in the year-round discussions, come talk to me about eSET, where we are working to even the playing field, bridge the gap for young technicians as they enter the workforce, and make finding quality young technicians simpler for employers. If not eSET, then join the discussion somewhere. We, as an industry and an Institute, need your voice. You are USITT.”
  • Michael McNamara
    “During my previous term as a Director, I enjoyed serving on the Board Mentee, Compensation, Grants & Fellowships, and the ad hoc Strategic Mission committees, all of which allowed me to address many of our most important challenges and work alongside some wonderful colleagues. It was my pleasure to watch the organization flourish, and I hope to be able to further our success. I feel that my familiarity with USITT and my leadership will only aid the Board and the Institute for the next four years.”
  • Nicole Queenan
    “As an industry built on the foundation of storytelling, I believe the continued growth of our industry is rooted in a mission to share the stories of our professional journeys. It is imperative that we remain focused on the diversity and inclusion of those with stories different than our own.”
  • Jay Sheehan
    “As a concert promoter, special event planner, and production manager, I lead by doing, I lead by communication, and I lead by empowering others to excel. Lastly, I am a published author because of USITT. The Production Managers Toolkit would have never been written if it weren’t for USITT. It’s time for my payback. If you elect me to the Board of Directors, I can promise you passion and commitment to get the projects done.”