December 2017

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December 2017

News & Notices

USITT Honors More Award Winners

USITT is pleased to recognize the 2018 winners of these USITT and publication awards.

USITT Award Winner: William Ivey Long

“William Ivey Long is a much-honored major American costume designer, widely known for his successful Broadway career (72 productions to date) for which he has received six Tony Awards. He has designed more than 300 productions including many plays, ballets, and operas.”
- Bobbi Owen, USITT Fellow

Honorary Lifetime Member Winner: Zelma H. Weisfeld

“Zelma’s indomitable spirit and generous contributions of expertise, time, energy, and treasure through countless years as a Director at Large, an active Fellow of the Institute, Costume Commission volunteer, and supporter of young artists are recognized and deeply appreciated by her USITT colleagues and friends.”
- Jenny Kenyon, USITT Director

Joel E. Rubin Founders Award Winner: Richard Pilbrow

"Richard is a busy man who never fails to be available and is most generous with his time. One of his key contributions has been the ongoing mentoring and guidance he has provided to our students and emerging professionals. It’s not unusual to find him at the Fellows Network Nexus stand talking with young people, reviewing resumes and portfolios, and providing sound advice to our next generation of designers and technicians."
- Randy Earle, USITT Fellow

Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award Winners: Karen Maness and Richard Isackes

Karen Maness and Richard Isackes for The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop (Regan Arts, 2016).

Herbert D. Greggs Award Winner: Kim Poppiti

Kim Poppiti for Hamilton's Turntable and Ring Stage (Winter 2017 TD&T Journal)

Herbert D. Greggs Merit Award Winner: Deanna Fitzgerald

Deanna Fitzgerald for Meditate on This (Winter 2017 TD&T Journal)