May 2017

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May 2017

News & Notices

PQ Junior

A traveling version of the PQ2015 National Exhibit, Vortex of Our Dreams, (a/k/a PQ “Junior”) made its debut at Opera America in New York on Feb. 25 where it will remain on display until Sept. 2017. The exhibit will then move to LeMoyne College where it will be displayed through Dec. 2017.

The exhibit features highlights from the last Prague Quadrennial, which took place in 2015. The installation includes photos, videos, and interactive video and audio content from the exhibit. The work presented was a celebration of collaboration and featured all aspects of performance design.

The theme for PQ2015 was Weather. “Weather is an apt choice as a metaphor for performance,” said Kevin Rigdon, USITT V.P. International Activities, and Head of Design at University of Houston. “It doesn't discriminate, and crosses all economic, ethnic, and social lines. Weather has the power to affect and/or alter lives, both for the good and otherwise. It has the ability to connect distant lands and varied regions. Weather also connects to the other PQ themes of Music and Politics. The beauty and power of weather is the stuff of a designer’s dreams.”