January 2017

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January 2017

Member Spotlight: Jeanette Aultz
Q&A with Jeanette Aultz: costume designer, special effects artist, and educator... more »

Distinguished Achievement Award Winners for 2017
The winners of USITT’s Distinguished Achievement Award are announced... more »

Architecture Award Winners
Announcing the winners of USITT’s Architecture Awards... more »

Weltenbauer Youngsters Award
Following the successful debut of the Weltenbauer Award, a new event will be taking place at Stage|Set|Scenery 2017... more »

Rigging Safety Grants
12 schools were recently approved for stage rigging inspections and safety training funding through USITT’s Rigging Safety Initiative... more »

Jenn Shuron and Matthew Carroll Join National Office
USITT welcomes two new staff members, Jenn Shuron and Matthew Carroll, to the National Office... more »

OISTAT Sevilla ’16: Seville, Spain offers a dichotomy of the old and the new, a fitting arena to host meetings that ushered new organizational changes into the longstanding structure of OISTAT... more »

Travel Grants
Interested in going abroad? Travel grants and funding are available for 2017... more »

USITT President
Mark Shanda offers insights on safety preparation and the events of Nov. 28 when emergency protocols were put to the test... more »

Spotlight on Giving
USITT Fellow Bobbi Owen on the importance of USITT and why she supports the Institute... more »

USITT Executive Director
David Grindle reflects on resolutions and the power of collaboration to make a greater whole... more »

Last Word: Conference Opportunities
USITT 2017 is fast approaching…make sure to register and sign up for these exceptional opportunities... more »