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Costuming sessions at the Annual Conference in Kansas City were created by the leadership and selected by the Costume Design & Technology Commission members.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Commission Changes Guard at Conference

Donna Meester
Costume Design & Technology Commissioner

With the advent of Kansas City 2010 Conference & Stage Expo came the changing of the guard for the Costume Design & Technology Commission. The green clipboard was handed from Joel Ebarb to Donna Meester, the new Commissioner. The changes take place officially on July 1.

Outgoing Co-Commissioner Kristina Tollefson's post will be covered by several new Vice-Commissioner positions. Vice Commissioners include:

  • Vice-Commissioner of Programming (through 2011): Kerri Packard
  • Vice-Commissioner of Programming (beginning 2011): Melissa Merz
  • Vice-Commissioner of Pre-Conference Events: Cathryn Ellis
  • Vice-Commissioner of Symposia: Kevin McCluskey
  • Vice-Commissioner of Design: Thomas Bernard
  • Vice-Commissioner of Technology: Regina Truhart
  • Vice-Commissioner of Heritage: Cynthia Turnbull-Langley
  • Vice-Commissioner for Communications: Carey Hanson

Ms. Meester handed the reins as Chair of the Costume Poster Committee to M.C. Friedrich this year, but not before paying tribute to the founder of this highly successful annual event. Betty Blyholder's enormous contributions to the Commission were recognized with a brief talk by Dr. Andy Gibbs, University of Arkansas, and PowerPoint presentation of previous posters.

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