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Several of the authors who contributed to Late & Great: American Designers 1960-2010 signed copies of the book at the 2010 Stage Expo, where the work was introduced. Shown are Kristina Tollefson, left, and Laura Hanson.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

25 Great Designers Featured in New USITT Publication

Late & Great: American Designers 1960-2010 is now available from the USITT bookstore.

The volume was released at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo which included a special book signing where many of the 27 authors involved in the book's creation were able to interact with readers.

While designers participate in the creation of art and entertainment productions with the same level of professionalism as performers and directors, their names are less often remembered and their contributions can often recede into the collective memory. This book, edited by Bobbi Owen and published by USITT, keeps the memory and contributions of these designers alive.

Designers in the book, and the authors who have profiled them are:

  • "Ralph Alswang" by Mike Monsos
  • "Martin Aronstein" by Ann M. Archbold
  • "Lucinda Ballard" by Peggy Rosefeldt
  • "Howard Bay" by Arnold Wengrow
  • "Harold Burris-Meyer" by John L. Bracewell
  • "Peggy Clark" by Ben Coolik
  • "Alvin Colt" by Jade Bettin
  • "Judy Dearing" by Jade Bettin
  • "Raoul Pène du Bois" by Bobbi Owen
  • "Ben Edwards" by Andrew Rich and Erik Viker
  • "Abe Feder" by Annie O. Cleveland and M. Barrett (Barry) Cleveland
  • "Arden Fingerhut" by Linda Essig
  • "John Gleason" by Linda Essig
  • "Gilbert Hemsley" by Mary Tarantino
  • "Bernard Johnson" by Kristina Tollefson
  • "Richard Nelson" by Jeff Davis
  • "Ben Nye" by Patricia Dennis
  • "Chris Parry" by Craig Wolf
  • "Irene Sharaff" by Gail Brassard
  • "Thomas Skelton" by Richard E. Dunham
  • "Oliver Smith" by Laura Hanson and Robert Lewis Smith
  • "Rouben Ter-Arutunian" by Jody Blake
  • "Miles White" by Holly Monsos
  • "Freddy Wittop" by Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
  • "Patricia Zipprodt" by Whitney Blausen

Late & Great: American Designers 1960-2010 helps to raise designers' public profile by honoring 25 designers with a record of their artistry. Twenty-seven authors, all members of USITT, participated in creating this volume which has an introduction by theatre design historian and USITT Fellow Arnold Aronson.

Late & Great is the most recent volume in the USITT Monograph Series and is available through the USITT bookstore as well as via To purchase this publication and take advantage of the discounted price available to USITT members, visit the USITT Store.

The next monograph, The Designs of Carrie Robbins, will be published in March 2011 and launched at USITT’s 51st Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

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