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Automated Rigging in Schools & Universities was one of the exhibitor-sponsored sessions at the 2008 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas. The session featured panelists including Van Phillips, Steve Warner, and Darrell Ziegler.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

Exhibitor Programs Run the Gamut

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

In addition to exhibiting at Stage Expo, many companies sponsor and present programs at the conference. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions which will be presented by exhibitors in Cincinnati.

Tuning Your Color Palette
Sponsored by Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
A panel of lighting designers will discuss how they approach color use and how they create the color palette they use for their show designs. Real-life experiences in color choice will be discussed. The audience will be invited to share their thoughts on color.

More Costuming Without Sewing
Sponsored by Kreinik Mfg. Co. Inc.
Techniques, along with examples, of theatre groups using non-traditional methods of embellishing and constructing costumes and building props without sewing or glue. This will be a hands-on program using these unorthodox methods.

HD Make-up/Be Prepared for your next High Definition Production
Sponsored by Kryolan Corporation
On February 17, all television stations will be airing in HDTV. Come see and learn the do's and don'ts in make-up applications when your production is being taped for television or film, a method that is already being used for editorial and professional photography work.

Airbrush Make-up for the Theatre
Sponsored by Make-Up Designory
The airbrush has gained a lot of attention in the make-up field and is being used in all parts of the industry. Most airbrushes are designed to allow any liquid, including make-up, to flow through them. The different types of airbrushes, compressors, and paints available for make-up will be discussed. Make-up artists use the airbrush just as a sponge or a brush. How to create different effects in a complete demonstration of a character make-up using the airbrush will be discussed as well as how to select and maintain the airbrush.

Graceful Bodices: Draping Over Period Corsets
Sponsored by Period Corsets
This session is a demonstration on draping bodices from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including how to deal with period shapes considering fabric grain, style lines, and proportion. Paper patterns and sleeves will be discussed, but the primary focus is methods to create beautiful bodices.

Notions Knowledge
Sponsored by Period Corsets
A presentation on truly understanding the nifty notions we all know and love. A primer on the how, why, and when to use these notions including thread, needles, scissors, and pins. Information for the beginner as well as the advanced sewer.

Wireless Microphones, White Spaces, and Spectrum Changes
Sponsored by Shure, Inc.
This presentation will review the FCC’s changes to the UHF spectrum and the effect on wireless microphone operation. Learn about the impact of the new consumer wireless devices operating in the White Spaces, results of FCC testing of White Space device prototypes, reallocation of 700 MHz spectrum to commercial and Public Safety users, and what wireless microphone users need to do to ensure reliable performance for their equipment.

Technical Design/Direction – In a Disney Theme Park
Sponsored by Walt Disney Entertainment
Join Disneyland technical directors in a behind-the-scenes look at a real project and the technical challenges and triumphs in bringing the creative to life at a Disney Theme Park. Explore the history and details of the creative vision, journey through the adaptation of the creative vision into existing infrastructure, review selection/design of equipment to sustain the show, and visit Disneyland live via teleconference to see the show application and share information with the technical team.

Plan to visit Stage Expo in Cincinnati March 18 to 21 for these and many other sessions.

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