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Update on Costume Design & Technology Commission

Kristina Tollefson
Costume Design & Technology Co-Commissioner

When seeking information regarding the Costume Design & Technology Commission, be sure to stop by the Commission’s website which can be located by going to the USITT website and clicking on Costume Design & Technology Commission in the left hand column.

On the website, there is information about all of the activities including leadership, Conference activities as well as special projects including Summer Symposia, Costume Program Survey, Projects for Teaching, Costume Storage Database, and the OISTAT website.

The Commission’s e-mail listservs remain very active and continue to grow.

The Costume Info List, which is a place to discuss and exchange ideas on everything from construction to education to purchasing sources, is nearing 600 members and will soon celebrate its eighth anniversary. Those who haven’t been a subscriber that whole time shouldn’t worry. There is a searchable archive to help find the answer just about any question. The Costume Locator List is a great resource for finding a production specific costume or just trying to find that odd size or last missing piece for a production. Everyone on that list is open to receiving rental inquiries and may have just what is needed.

When considering season selection, be sure to stop by the Costume Plot Database which provides the casting and costuming requirements for a variety of plays. It gives the kind of information needed during the season selection process and can save a great deal of time. By pooling efforts and listing this information in one location, the duplication of efforts can be eliminated and the work colleagues have already done can be taken advantage of. There are currently 33 plays listed in the database.

There are two easy ways to submit a play, musical, or opera: Go to and click on the Want to Help? link. Download either the  pdf or Excel version of the submission form. Fill it out and either fax it to 407-823-6446 or e-mail it to Submissions may also be made by sending dressings lists or other documents from the play with an e-mail explaining any changes the production went through to the same location, and student assistants will compile the information into the correct format. Help is needed for this project to grow.  If everyone made a commitment to submit one play each season, all would benefit.


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