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The USITT Art Auction has not made an appearance since 2006, so there has been plenty of time for the excitement to build. The 2009 auction will play a prominent role as part of Stage Expo.

Photo/R. Finkelstein


Cincinnati Art Auction Is On!

Tim Kelly
Art Auction Chair

March 2009 is but one election and six months away, and the USITT Grants & Fellowships Committee is hard at work soliciting artwork to be sold at its Tri-annual Kook Fund Art Auction. The Cincinnati 2009 Conference & Stage Expo will be the seventh time this exciting, surprising, and successful event has been held. All of the proceeds from the Art Auction will go to benefit the Edward F. Kook Fund which supports grants and fellowships awarded to Institute members. Since the inception of the fund by Eddie Kook, the Institute has provided approximately $225,000 in funding for research projects and study fellowships.

The Art Auction provides an opportunity for everyone at the Conference to participate in the high spirited silent auction that will take place during Stage Expo. Prominently located at Stage Expo will be approximately 30 beautiful and creative works of theatre art to vie for. Back and forth bidding will continue throughout the week until 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 when the event culminates in a flurry of frantic finalists fighting for their favorites. In years past, the auction action has proven to be a highlight for the conference and one that takes a cool hand, tenacity, and precise timing to come away with the goods.

Another favorite at the Art Auction will be the ever popular Garage Sale tables on which theatre treasures of indescribable interest will be found. At previous sales there have been objects of theatre history that perhaps have not witnessed the light of day for many years. Stored in dusty corners of garages, backstage in the unexplored rooms, and in attics spaces long forgotten are bits and pieces of memorabilia that will be unearthed and offered for sale.

Even if an unsuccessful bidder, the contribution of $5 for an auction catalogue will assist in this fundraising effort. The G&F Committee looks forward to seeing everyone at this event and to providing an exciting and amusing way to assist in contributing to the Edward F. Kook Fund.

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