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Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

An interesting mix of exhibitor-sponsored programs is scheduled for the 2008 USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions to be presented.
Tuning Your Palette --Lighting, That Is
Sponsored by Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
A demonstration and discussion of approaches to selecting color. Learn how to fine-tune choices to the various elements specific to the show. The presentation will be about the point of view of the artist, not the technician.
Good To Go!
Sponsored by Clark Transfer, Inc.
A panel discussion dealing with design issues, scenic construction methods, and hardware for touring.
Transformational Makeup from Ancient Origins to Modern Theatre
Sponsored by Kryolan Corporation
From the very beginning of human culture, make-up and masks have been used to transform people and create new identities. As ancient ritual evolved into theater, this art of transformation remained as the way for an actor to present an identity beyond his normal self. Author Christopher Agostino presents the story of this fundamental art in a fascinating lecture illustrated by painted faces from around the world -- from the tribal arts of the Amazon and Africa to the sophisticated faces of the Chinese Opera.
Wireless Dimming and DMX in Practice
Sponsored by RC4 Wireless Dimming
This panel begins as a lecture, migrating to a question and answer session to steer the content towards the interests of attendees. Four primary subtopics are addressed: principles of digital radio-frequency technology; principles of primary and rechargeable battery technology; a review of lamps, LEDs, motors, and other loads suitable for low-voltage systems; and safety considerations in high-current, low-voltage systems, and in untethered motion-control systems. The focus is on underlying principles and practices common to wireless dimming in general.
Don't Build It -- Project It
Sponsored by Rosco
The popularity of low cost projection equipment and slides has allowed theatre people at every budget level to integrate projections into scene and lighting designs. This workshop will show some of the more creative projections and offer ideas on how to generate more satisfying results on stage.

There are just a few slots still available for exhibitor sponsored programs. Contact Helen Willard at for more information.

Stage Expo 2007 was filled with activity and information from those showing products or offering services. For 2008, sessions from exhibitors are already scheduled.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

Already Booked for Stage Expo 2008

  • A.C. Lighting Inc.
  • A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
  • American Harlequin Corporation
  • Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
  • Barbizon Lighting Company
  • Ben Nye Makeup
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • City Theatrical, Inc.
  • J.R. Clancy, Inc.
  • Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
  • Clark Transfer, Inc.
  • Clear-Com Communication Systems
  • d&b audiotechnik
  • Dazian Fabrics, LLC
  • Eartec
  • Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)
  • Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA)
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Feld Entertainment
  • Florida State University
  • Future Light
  • GALA Systems, Inc.
  • H & H Specialties Inc.
  • The Hilliard Corporation
  • HME®
  • Weiss
  • IATSE Local 1
  • InterAmerica Stage, Inc.
  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  • Irwin Seating Company
  • Kenmark, Inc.
  • Kryolan Corporation
  • Le Maitre Special Effects Inc.
  • LEE Filters
  • Lehigh Electric Products Co.
  • Leprecon
  • Lex Products Corp.
  • Lighting & Electronics, Inc.
  • Limelight Productions, Inc.
  • Live Design Magazine/LDI Show
  • Look Solutions USA, Ltd.
  • Lycian Stage Lighting
  • Make-Up Designory
  • Martin Professional, Inc.
  • MDG Fog Generators
  • Mehron, Inc.
  • Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.
  • Mongol Global Tour Company, Inc.
  • Norcostco, Inc.
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Osram Sylvania
  • The Painter's Journal
  • Penn State University
  • Period Corsets
  • PRG
  • Production Intercom, Inc.
  • Protech Theatrical Services, Inc.
  • RC4 Wireless Dimming
  • Robert Juliat
  • Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
  • Rose Brand Theatrical Fabrics, Fabrications & Supplies
  • Sapsis Rigging Entertainment Services, Inc.
  • Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.
  • SeaChanger by Ocean Optics
  • Selecon
  • Serapid, Inc.
  • Show Distribution Group Inc.
  • Smooth-On, Inc.
  • Stage Research, Inc.
  • Stage Technologies
  • Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas
  • StageRight Corporation
  • Steeldeck Inc.
  • StageLight, Inc.
  • Strand Lighting
  • Strong Entertainment Lighting
  • Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
  • Texas Scenic Company
  • Thern Inc.
  • James Thomas Engineering
  • Turning Star Inc.
  • Union Connector Co., Inc.
  • United Scenic Artists Local USA 829
  • Vari-Lite
  • VectorWorks Spotlight by Nemetschek North America
  • Vortek, a division of Daktronics
  • Walt Disney Entertainment
  • Wenger Corporation
  • Wybron, Inc.
  • ZFX, Inc.