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This summer may be the perfect time to start or research a juried paper or submission for TD&T. In the past several months, there has been an upsurge of interest in the jury process for submitting material for publication in TD&T, USITT's quarterly scholarly journal.

The process used to review those portions of the journal which are juried is more rigorous, and articles which have gone through the jury process are noted as such.

Willard F. Bellman, a Lifetime member of USITT, a noted author, and emeritus faculty member of the University of California-Northridge's Department of Theatre very succinctly described the process in Writing Papers for the Juried Section of Theatre Design & Technology which appeared in the Spring 1995 issue of TD&T. A PDF version of that article is available here.

To further assist those interested in writing juried submissions, the complete guidelines including the review process, criteria for judging papers, how to submit manuscripts, formatting, and tables and illustrations is available here.

Of special note is that Delbert Unruh is Chair of the TD&T Jury Panel and submissions for that portion of the magazine must be submitted to him for review by a select panel at the address listed in the submissions guidelines.

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Delbert Unruh, Chair of the TD&T Jury Panel.