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Officers, Directors Change July 1

July 1 will bring changes in the leadership for USITT. Larry Hill is stepping down as Treasurer with Travis DeCastro stepping in as Interim Treasurer for the remainder of Mr. Hill's term. Lisa Westkaemper Vice-President for Development & Promotion, is dropping the "Acting" designation from her title. Carl Lefko steps into the job as President-Elect, while Secretary Patricia Dennis, Vice-President for Commissions, Kim Williamson, Vice-President for Conferences Joe Aldridge, and Vice-President for International Activities Alexandra (Sandy) Bonds begin new two-year terms.

Departing Directors at Large C. Lance Brockman, Normand Bouchard, Greg Horton, David Will, and Stephanie Young are wished the very best after completing their years of service. Lea Asbell-Swanger, Nadine Charlsen, Sherry Wagner-Henry, Michael Mehler, Mark Shanda, and Craig Wolf are welcomed as they begin their three-year terms.

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We Have Lift-off!

Readers who have been learning about the many attractions from the Houston Promotions Coordinator will notice that Janet Harreld is taking a brief respite from her writing duties. She's been out of Texas and in Florida watching her brother-in-law, Clayton Anderson, (right) launch into space. He was a part of STS-117, and rode the space shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station, where he remains. Since he'll be in orbit for several months, we'll all have time to learn more about the inner workings of space.

Modern communications have allowed Mr. Anderson to transfer a photo taken of earth from the orbiting craft back to us. It is below.

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Prague Quadrennial Updates

Watch for information in the August issue about all of the events connected with the 2007 Prague Quadrennial as well as extensive coverage in the upcoming issues of TD&T. The event was covered in advance by a New York Times story on Sunday, June 10.

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