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The Costume Design & Technology Commission supports the Costume Plot Database as a Commission project, and is replete with information for directors and other members of the production team.

The concept is simple. Each year during season selection, dozens of scripts are read to find out their scope and style. Production teams often duplicate these same efforts. With the Costume Plot Database, basic information about scripts can be found before selecting which plays to read. There also are applications within the classroom or for other production-related activities.

The website is Production Requirements: A Costume Plot Database. Originally sponsored by a grant from the USITT Commissioner's Fund, the website is a database of information about plays searchable by several different parameters including title, playwright, period, genre, cast size, and number of costumes. The database can also be browsed with sorting possible by date added, frequency of reference, title, playwright, year published, period, and genre.

Each play has a page dedicated to it which contains more detailed information such as a basic plot description, a specific character breakdown, quick change notes, and any special costuming considerations dictated by the script.

The database has grown over the last two years, but it will be more useful as it gets larger. Submissions of recent work or classroom study can be made online through the electronic submission page or by fax or e-mail. Share your comments and questions by e-mailing

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Kristina Tollefson
Costume Design & Technology Co-Commissioner