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New costume session offerings hope to be as successful as the Hat's Entertainment Professional Development Workshop, left, at the 2006 Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Shown is Kate Wulle, one of the PDW participants.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Costume Commission
Offers Something New

Kerry Packard
Costume Design & Technology Commission

"Something old, something new…" In the November issue of Sightlines, the Costume Design & Technology Commission shared the "something old" part of the Commission's programming for the 2007 Conference & Stage Expo in Phoenix.

Now for "something new." Computer Printing for Fabric Modification will cover the techniques used in printing on a wide variety of fabrics for the theatre. Panelists will discuss and show examples of their work. Creating Gelatin Prosthetics, a double session, will include demonstrations of the methods used to create gelatin prosthetics. Management Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People and Situations will offer a panel of major costume shop managers discussing their approach to these personnel concerns. Come find out why Men's Unmentionables aren't just for dandies. How to Justify Technical Training and Support in Academic Theatre and Costume Shop as Classroom are two sessions that offer strategies for academic training programs. The Ideal Portfolio will present useful information to all experience levels, both professional and academic. "The annual dance concert;" -- if these words send shivers down a costumer's spine, come to Stretching Yourself: Modern Dance Costume Construction and find ways to cope.

Finally, while in the heart of the Southwest, why not learn about traditional and contemporary dress of the Southwestern Native Americans in Native American Dress? Whether it is "something new" or "something tried and true," there are many interesting sessions in Phoenix.

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