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Stage Expo Filling Up for Phoenix 2007

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

The site of the 47th Annual USITT Conference & Stage Expo in 2007 is the Phoenix Convention Center, formerly known as the Phoenix Civic Plaza. The downtown facilities originally opened in 1972 as the Phoenix Civic Plaza and Convention Center, which included Symphony Hall and Symphony Hall Terrace. An expansion project in the mid-1980s added the South Building, including exhibit halls D and E, the Ballroom, and the Tucson and Yuma meeting rooms, where the USITT Conference & Stage Expo will be held.

Over the years, the media and the public shortened the name to the Phoenix Civic Plaza. With the current $600 million expansion elevating Phoenix's convention center into one of the top 20 in North America, the city has launched a new name -- the Phoenix Convention Center, while retiring the name Phoenix Civic Plaza. When expansion is complete in late 2008, the Phoenix Convention Center will include the new West Building, a new North Building, and the existing South Building.

The 110,000 square foot exhibit hall in the PCC's South Building will be jam-packed with exhibits next year. More than 80 percent of the available booth space for Stage Expo 2007 has already been booked. Space selection for Non-Commercial Tables will take place in the fall. For more information on exhibiting at Stage Expo 2007, contact

The preliminary list of exhibitors for Stage Expo 2007 as of May 1 is at right.


USITT members Carolyn Satter, Jill Maurer, Michael Mehler, Jeff Brown, and Dan Denhart, enjoyed the sunshine in Phoenix May 21 and 22. They were part of a group preparing for the 2007 Conference & Stage Expo. In the background is a portion of the Phoenix Civic Plaza which will be imploded, as the entire complex is renamed the Phoenix Convention Center. Photo/Barbara E.R. Lucas

Already Booked for Stage Expo 2007, as of May 1, 2006

  • AC lighting Inc.
  • A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
  • Altman Lighting
  • American Harlequin Corporation
  • Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
  • Barbizon
  • Ben Nye Company
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • City Theatrical, Inc.
  • J.R. Clancy
  • Clear-Com Communication Systems
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Comfor Tek Seating Inc.
  • Conductix/Insul-8
  • Dazian LLC
  • d&b audiotechnik
  • Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)
  • Electronics Diversified, Inc.
  • Entertainment Services and
    Technology Association (ESTA)
  • The ESTA Foundation/Behind The Scenes
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Future Light
  • GALA Systems, Inc.
  • Grosch Scenic Rentals
  • H&H Specialties Inc.
  • HM Electronics, Inc.
  • IATSE Local One
  • Irwin Seating Company
  • Robert Juliat USA
  • Kenmark, Inc.
  • Kryolan Corporation
  • Lehigh Electric Products Co.
  • Le Maitre Special Effects, Inc.
  • Leprecon
  • Lex Products Corp.
  • Limelight Productions Inc.
  • Live Design/LDI
  • Make-Up Designory
  • MDG Fog Generators Ltd
  • Mehron Inc.
  • Meyer Sound/LCS Audio
  • Mongol Global Tour Company, Inc.
  • Norcostco Inc.
  • North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Ocean Optics, Inc.
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • The Painter's Journal
  • Period Corsets
  • Production Intercom Inc.
  • RC4 Wireless Dimming
  • Rosco
  • Rose Brand
  • Sapsis Rigging Inc.
  • Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.
  • SECOA, Inc.
  • Selecon
  • Show Distribution Group Inc.
  • Smooth-On, Inc.
  • Stage Directions
  • Stage Research, Inc.
  • Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
  • StageRight Corporation
  • Steeldeck, Inc.
  • Strand Lighting Inc.
  • Strong Entertainment Lighting
  • Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
  • Texas Scenic Company
  • Thematics
  • Thern Inc.
  • James Thomas Engineering
  • Tiffin Scenic Studios, Inc.
  • Union Connector
  • United Scenic Artists Local 829 IATSE
  • Walt Disney Entertainment
  • Wenger Corporation
  • Wybron, Inc.
  • ZFX, Inc.
  • Zucker Feather Products