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Fall Arrest Procedures Questioned

Dear Professionals:
I am in my first semester at an East Coast university, and am majoring in technical theatre, with an emphasis in lighting design. I have been lucky enough to land some overhire IA calls on the weekend to help out with my school expenses.

My question is:

Are there usage guidelines for using fall arrest devices or equipment? If so, what are they? Is it after a certain height it is used? I see the IATSE guys using the gear when they climb into trusses, or are in a grid, but I never see anyone use the gear at my university.

Is it not required when in a man lift or tall scaffolding? Is there a website or another place that I can get additional safety information?

Thanks for any information that you could send my way.

Brenna Stahl

OK USITT Members…who wants to give Brenna an answer to this one? Please send your answers to Jay Sheehan at Thanks for participating!

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