September 2017

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September 2017

Spotlight on Giving: Barbara E.R. Lucas

"I provide support to USITT to honor the volunteer leadership and in memory of those great women and men who have given of themselves to create a vibrant and enduring legacy. Because I have seen firsthand how much those individuals provided, I think it only fitting to continue that giving tradition. As a former staff member of USITT, I know what a wealth of opportunities the organization provides to its members. Many of its new and continuing initiatives would not be possible without the additional support that direct gifts provide."

- Barbara E.R. Lucas, USITT Staff Member Emeritus

Kook Fund

  • Sandy Bonds
  • Dennis Dorn
  • Andi Lyons
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Del Unruh
  • Charles Williams

New Century Fund

  • Seamus Bourne
  • Kathryn Eader: In Honor of Ken Billington and Duane Schuler
  • Tammy Honesty
  • Andi Lyons
  • Janet Swenson
  • Roger Waterman: In Memory of Herbert L. Camburn
  • Charles Williams

New Century Fund - Diversity

  • Kasey L. Allee-Foreman
  • Keri Fitch
  • Will Grindle
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Michael Katz
  • Andi Lyons
  • Michael Mehler
  • Linda Pisano: In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • Jessie Portillo
  • Juan Sanchez
  • David Stewart: In Memory of Tayneshia Jefferson
  • James Streeter

New Century Fund - Rigging Safety

  • Verda Beth Martell
  • Martin Simonsen

Samuel Scripps International Fund

  • Sandy Bonds
  • Paul Brunner
  • Loren Schreiber
  • Doris Siegel


  • Rafael Jaen
  • Andi Lyons
  • Mark Shanda

General Operations

  • Shan Ayers
  • William Browning
  • Daniel Culhane
  • Disney Parks Live Entertainment
  • Dennis L. Dorn
  • Emily Gill
  • David Grindle
  • Mickey Henry
  • Rafael Jaen
  • Michael Katz
  • Carl Lefko
  • Andi Lyons
  • Karen Maness
  • Martha Marking
  • Leslie Marqua
  • Sylvia Pannell
  • Jose Luis Ramirez
  • Mark Rapach
  • Carolyn Satter
  • Loren Schreiber
  • MJ Sedlock
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry
  • Kimb Williamson

Fellows Fund

  • Sandy Bonds

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