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Stage Expo Exhibitors Plan Exciting Sessions for 2009

Helen Willard
Stage Expo Sales Manager

In addition to exhibiting at Stage Expo, several companies sponsor and present programs at the conference. Here are brief descriptions of some of the sessions which will be presented by exhibitors in Cincinnati.

Virtual Intercom -- Practical VoIP Solutions for Production
Sponsored by Clear-Com
Analog TV is gone and HD is in. How has this paradigm shift affected wireless intercom frequencies? Is the move to digital the answer? What about virtual intercom and exactly what is it? Join this panel discussion with practical applications for live theatre.

Wireless DMX and Dimming in Practice -- Case Studies
Sponsored by RC4 Wireless Dimming
Wireless dimming has made its way into hundreds of productions via battery-powered, DMX-controlled, and completely untethered lighting in props, sets, and costumes. This panel discussion will focus on digital radio-frequency technology, primary and rechargeable batteries, lamps, LEDs, motors, other loads suitable for low-voltage systems, and safety considerations. Guest designers and electricians will introduce their work and the design process that led them to using wireless.

Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Dance & Performance Floors
Sponsored by Rosco
A panel of technical directors offer tips on what they have learned about working with vinyl and wood floors.

How We're Using Theatrical Fog & Smoke
Sponsored by Rosco
A presentation of new ideas in the use of theatrical fog and smoke by lighting and set designers.

Using and Mixing the New Theatrical Palette of Gels, Dichro, CS, and LEDs
Sponsored by Rosco
Now that LEDs have joined gels and dichroic glass as a medium for colored light in theatre, lighting designers need to learn to work with this varied and diverse palette. This session will help.

Make It Stick on Fabrics: Painting on Nontraditional Fabrics
Sponsored by Rose Brand
This session will focus on which paint techniques, treatment, and kinds of paint to use on different fabrics to keep them durable, flexible, and long lived. The panel will also discuss how to meet the other random requests that may be made by the production.

Media Servers as Scenic Tools
Sponsored by Rose Brand
A discussion and demonstration of how the Panorama Media Server can be used as a tool to supplement, enhance, and extend a scenic design with digital media. The session will include examples of multiple projector setups, preparing media for stage use, programming Panorama during tech week, and alternative projection surfaces.

Stump the Rigger
This session is a perennial USITT favorite. A panel of industry experts invites all to take pot shots at them. Bring the best (and worst) questions and try to stump them. Who knows? You could win a prize.

Character Creation
Sponsored by Walt Disney Entertainment
A demonstration and discussion led by Walt Disney Entertainment costuming and cosmetology artists of the transformation of an actor into a specific character.

American Idol/Theatre in a Theme Park
Sponsored by Walt Disney Entertainment
This will be a production case study presented by Walt Disney Entertainment producers based on American Idol. Learn how to develop a live, theatrical experience from a popular TV broadcast. The session will include a presentation and discussion of the issues and tasks involved in designing and producing the show in a way that maintains the integrity and popular elements of the television show, while supporting the need for multiple live performances every day of the year.

Join USITT in Cincinnati, Ohio March 18 to 21 for these and many other sessions.

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Exhibitors at Stage Expo also offer sessions as part of the Annual Conference. Above are members of the panel on wireless DMX sponsored by RC4 Wireless Dimming in Houston, Texas.

Photo/Tom Thatcher