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Thinking about lesson plans for the new academic year? Remember the Costume Design & Technology Commission's ongoing endeavor, Projects for Teaching Costume Design and Technology.

The editors, Martha Marking and Judy Adamson, are still accepting projects for the second volume of this resource. Information about the project and a PDF form to submit a project can be found on the Commission's web page.

Those interested in trying some of the submissions and providing feedback can e-mail Ms. Adamson at

The first volume is available from the USITT Bookstore.

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Rendez-Vous in Ottawa

CITT/ICTS is still accepting registrations for its Rendez-Vous in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from August 14 to 17. The Canadian performing arts industry in planning professional workshops, sessions, social events featuring lighting and sound technology, design, architecture, management, and production.

A RF Microphone MasterClass with Klaus Willemsen, sponsored by Sennheiser will be held Wednesday, August 13.

To learn more, click here or visit

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CoPA Project Update

The Commercial Pattern Archive Project continues to grow. Special Collections Archivist Sarina Wyant and students have completed a detailed, 15-page finding-aid to the Betty Williams research papers, books, journals, and fashion periodicals. The database, CoPA, also continues to grow. There now are over 44,000 records dating from 1868 to the present. Several pattern donations have come in which include a collection of pre-1960s patterns.

Some dedicated students and volunteers are scanning design images and pattern schematics inlcuding the 1990s patterns in the archive.

The database in now on the University of Rhode Island test web server and is in beta testing. Meanwhile, the CoPA Vintage Patterns CDs are available. There are four CDs: Volume I 1868-1943, Volume II 1944-1956, Volume III 1957-1968, and Volume IV 1969-1979. Information and order form are available at

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Documents Regarding ACN in Public Review

Ten documents that are part of BSR E1.30-200x, Application level equipment interoperability for control of commonly encountered entertainment technology devices using ANSI E1.17, are posted on the ESTA website at for review through August 25. The draft documents add to the functionality of ANSI E1.17, ACN, by specifying how to do common tasks in ACN. The ten draft documents are:

BSR E1.30-1-200x, EPI 23, Device Identification Subdevice, which specifies a templated device for device identification as typically used for remote hardware and software devices.

BSR E1.30-2-200x, EPI 24, Internet Protocol Properties Subdevice specifies two template devices, each describing a block of properties used for supplying information on and configuring the Internet Protocol (IP) configuration of a device using DMP. These devices may typically be used for remote hardware or software devices to allow configuration over the network.

BSR E1.30-3-200x, EPI 25, Time Reference in ACN Systems Using SNTP and NTP specifies restrictions and guidelines for establishin a common time reference across components within an ACN system using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) and optionally NTP (Network Time Protocol). This EPI does not define a control synchronization model.

BSR E1.30-4-200x, EPI 26, Device Description Language (DDL) Extensions for DMX512 and E1.31 Devices defines protocol specific extensions to Device Description Language for describing DMX512-type devices.

BSR E1.30-5-200x, EPI 27, Operation of SDT on Wireless Networks outlines issues with SDT usage over wireless networks, specifically 802.11g. It proposes changes to EPI 18 constants and speculates on 802.11n.

BSR E1.30-6-200x, EPI 28, Independent Device Location Properties specifies a non-templated device for Independent Device Location properties as typically used for remote hardware and software devices.

BSR E1.30-7-200x, EPI 29, Allocation of Internet Protocol Version 4 Addresses to ACN Hosts obsoletes ACN EPI 13 (Allocation of Internet Protocol Version 4 Addresses to ACN Hosts). The principal reason for this revision is to allow assignment of static IP addresses and provide guidance for how to manage systems using these methods.

BSR E1.30-8-200x, EPI 30, Time Code Properties specifies a non-templated device for Time Code properties as typically used for remote hardware and software devices.

BSR E1.30-9-200x, EPI 31, MIDI System Exclusive Properties specifies a non-templated device for MIDI System Exclusive properties as typically used for remote hardware and software devices.

BSR E1.30-10-200x, EPI 32, Identification of Draft Device Description Language Modules specifies how draft DDL modules that may be changed frequently during development shall be marked as experimental.

Reviewers also are asked to notify ESTA of any protected intellectual property in the draft standards. For more information, contact Karl G. Ruling, Technical Standards Manager, ESTA, 875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10001; phone 1-212-244-1505; fax 1-212-244-1502; or e-mail

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