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Katherine Marshall, left, talks with Costume Design & Technology Co-Commissioner Joel Ebarb during An Evening with Katherine Marshall during the 2007 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. The session was just one of those selected for presentation by Commission members.

Photo/Casey Kearns

Seeking Ideas for 2009
Costume Sessions

Kate Ellis
Costume Design & Technology Commission

As the cooler winds of autumn blow and the impending cold of winter approaches, it is hard to believe it is already time to start planning for the 2009 USITT Annual Convention & Stage Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As most Costume Design & Technology Commission members know, the group will vote on the costume sessions which will be offered during 2009 at the annual Commission meeting in Houston, Texas. Now is the time to submit session proposals. The deadline is February, just three weeks before the start of the Annual Conference in Houston. All the necessary information, including a session proposal form, is located on the Commission web site.

If any Costume Design & Technology Commission member wishes to present a session but is not sure what to offer, or to find out of other Commission members might be interested, visit the Commission web site's HOT TOPICS list. This is a list of sessions suggested by Commission members. If any topic arouses interest or inspires a member to present that topic at the Conference, please use the Costume Info list to find those who have expertise in that area.

For information about how to create a proposal, as well as chairing or participating in a session, contact Kate Ellis at

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