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Robert Smith, left, has his book signed by Rafael Jaen at the 2007 USITT Member Author Book Signing at Stage Expo in Phoenix, Arizona as Martha Marking, center, looks on. USITT is seeking member authors to participate in the sixth year of the program.

Photo/R. Finkelstein



Promote New Books at Houston Conference

David Rodger
TD&T Editor

USITT members are experts in their fields and many of them share their expertise by writing books. The fine books written by USITT members again will be acknowledged and promoted at the USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Houston, Texas.

All members who published a book about some aspect of theatre design or technology in 2007 may participate. To qualify, books must be available for sale in the United States now or by December 31.

The first step to participate in Houston is to contact David Rodger as soon as possible at or 502-426-1211. USITT will make arrangements to buy copies of the books to have on hand at the book signing event. The event is scheduled for 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, March 20 at Stage Expo. The deadline to submit a request to participate is December 14.

This is the sixth year USITT has held "book parties" for its authors. So far, 32 members have participated.

The first year, in Minneapolis (2003), members celebrated publication of 10 books: Bill Byrnes' Management and the Arts, Ben Sammler's Technical Briefs Collections, Craig Wolf and Dick Block's Scene Design and Stage Lighting, Patrick Finelli's Sound for the Stage, Linda Essig's Speed of Light, John Holloway's Illustrated Theatre Production Guide, Harry Donovan's Arena Rigging, Jim Moody's The Business of Theatrical Design, Michael Farewell's FFMG Stages, and Bert Morris's Followspot Operators Handbook.

In Long Beach (2004), five books were highlighted: Jody Blake's two new books, Le Tumulte Noir: Modernist Art and Popular Entertainment in Jazz-Age Paris,1900-1930 and An Eye for the Stage: The Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts at the McNay Art Museum; Bobbi Owen's The Broadway Design Roster; Patricia MacKay and Richard Pilbrow's Walt Disney Concert Hall - The Backstage Story; and Marty Gallagher's self-published CD Wireless Mics in the Theatre.

In Toronto (2005), the focus was on eight books: Robert Bell's Let There Be Light; Peter Beudert and Susan Crabtree's Scenic Art for the Theatre; Jody Blake's High Drama: Eugene Berman and the Legacy of the Melancholic Sublime; Richard Brett's three-volume Theatre Engineering and Architecture; Linda Essig's Lighting and the Design Idea; Miodrag Tabacki's self-titled monograph, Miodrag Tabacki; and Paul Thompson's Character Make-up.

In Louisville (2006), four books were celebrated: Linda Sparks's The Basics of Corset Building; Rebecca Cunningham's Basic Sewing for Costume Construction: A Handbook; Robert Doyle's The Art of the Tailor; and Randy Davidson's Practical Health and Safety Guidelines for School Theater Operations: Assessing the Risks in Middle, Junior and Senior High School Theater Buildings and Programs.

In Phoenix (2007), five books were highlighted: David Conte's Theatre Management: Producing and Managing the Performing Arts; Richard Cadena's Automated Lighting; Rafael Jaen's Developing and Maintaining a Design-Tech Portfolio; Michael Mell's Building Better Theatres; and Hugh Hardy's Building Type Basics for Performing Arts Facilities.

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