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Michelle L. Smith
Membership & Ad Sales Manager

Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)

USITT members receive a $100 discount on the examination fees for the entertainment electrical and the rigging certification exams. In addition to being offered at computer testing centers, both exams will be offered as paper and pencil exams at the LDI tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. The electrical entertainment exam will be held Friday, November 16, and the rigging exam Saturday, November 17, 2007.

Individuals must meet eligibility requirements to apply. Candidate information, including eligibility requirements, the handbook, and application forms, are available on the ETCP website. To have the information mailed to you, please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Coordinator, at 212-244-1505 or

To receive the discount, members must provide proof of current membership (such as a copy of current membership card) with the application. Application deadline is October 1.

Click here for a complete list of member discounts. For instructions on accessing a discount, select the item of interest and enter user name (USITT member nnumber) and password (last name) at the prompt.

If you have questions or suggestions for a new benefit, contact Membership & Ad Sales Manager Michelle L. Smith at 800-938-7488 or

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