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Chesapeake Plans Design Expo

Attention all designers and technicians! The Chesapeake Regional Section's Design Expo '07 is just around the corner. Members look forward to presenting some of their best work at the annual Convention to be held at Shenandoah University on September 15.

The chairman for this event is Andrew Rich, and he eagerly awaits hearing from those who wish to participate. Stand by for deadline submissions. Watch the section's website and the July issue of Sightlines for more details.

An entry form will be posted online or sent by mail to those wishing to participate. Inquiries for the event can be e-mailed to Andrew Rich at or Dan Niccum at

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New Chair for New York Area

Scott Parker, one of the key members who helped revitalize the New York Area section has stepped down as Chair because he is moving to Nebraska. Mr. Parker will teach lighting at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

He has been succeeded by Jim Streeter, production manager at Princeton University. Mr. Streeter may be reached at 609-258-0508 or

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