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The Lighting Commission's offering for the 2006 Annual Conference & Stage Expo included the two-day Indoor Pyrotechnics Professional Development Workshop held at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

by Anthony R. Phelps
VC Programming, Lighting Commission

Volunteers Make Sessions,
Light Lab, PDW Successful

Did you have a great time in at the 2006 Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville? With 15 sessions from the Lighting Commission on a variety of topics, plus a two-day PDW, conference attendees had many choices. There was great attendance at these sessions especially in the Lighting Commission I and II meetings where many ideas for programming for the 2007 conference in Phoenix were discussed. One highlight from this year's conference was the Distinguished Lighting Designer 2006 session with this year's recipient, James L. Moody. Everyone should have tried to catch a session or two at the Light Lab at the Kentucky Center.

It takes many people to present all of these sessions. The Lighting Commission would like to thank its leadership who helped make the programming for Louisville happen including: Buddy Combs, Rich Dunham, Robin Schraft, Todd Studebaker, Vicki Scott, Steve Shelley, Sabrina Hamilton, Mike Ingraham, Ann Archbold, James L. Moody, Rob Rowlands, and Judy Staicer.

There were many people working in the Light Lab this year, and they all deserve a round of applause. The commission wants to thank theur Light Lab committee - David Borron, Tracy Fitch, Rob Rowlands, Todd Proffitt, Steve Holliday, and Ann Archbold - who worked all year making preparations for the conference. They helped arrange labor, gather site information, find equipment to use in the lab, and provide the session chairs with their technical needs. There was a large number of adult and student volunteers to help load in, load out, and staff all the sessions in the Light Lab. Their help was integral to making the Light Lab run.

A special thank you goes to LeMaitre for presenting the PDW on Indoor Pyrotechnics. This two-day workshop involved about 20 participants, which combined demonstration and hands-on training of the appropriate use of pyrotechnics indoors.

The session chairs dedicate many hours developing a session, submitting information, and finding panelists. Few people realize how much research, planning, and thought goes into each session. A big thank you also goes out to the many individuals who came to Louisville to be panelists and presenters. You cannot measure the value of the information these individuals impart.

Thanks go to all who came to the sessions. Your enthusiasm and participation inspire the Commission to continue presenting quality programming.

There are a few more people that the Lighting Commission would like to thank. A big round of applause goes to ESTA for its support providing meeting rooms to the commission leadership. Rosco deserves a big thank you for helping sponsor the Master Class on Lighting with Color and Gobos with Mark Stanley. Finally, thank you to the Gilbert Hemsley, Jr. Internship Program which co-sponsored the travel of several panelists for the session, "Making a Start in Regional Theatre for Lighting Designers."

Those interested in getting involved as a panelist next year can contact one of the Commission leaders. Let them know your interest and expertise, and they can pass your name on to the session chairs. The Lighting Commission works because so many people bring their talent and energy to these sessions. So get involved; we'll see you in Phoenix!

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