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UK Costume Symposium Focuses on Future

Following the great success of the 2005 event, a special Costume Symposium 2006 will be held July 19 to 20 at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, United Kingdom. It promises to bring together experts in the field of costume and performance and give delegates an opportunity to discuss their experiences and perspectives, and take an interesting look at recent developments in costume design.

Speakers are currently being confirmed, and organizers hope they will include Deborah Landis from the United States, a costume designer whose credits include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Trading Places, and The Blues Brothers.

Topics being considered include: examining the changing roles for costume for 21st century theatre; shapes in space - contemporary dance costume and the role of the costume designer; digital media and costume design - professional practice and teaching strategies; and others.

Final details will be ready in April. To be put on the mailing list please send your details to: Future of Costume Symposium, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, Wallisdown, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5HH; e-mail:; or phone: 01202 363265. The Arts Institute at Bournemouth is on the south coast of England only two hours from London Waterloo by train.

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New Project on Luminaire Inspections

At its meeting in January, the Electrical Power Working Group, part of ESTA's Technical Standards Program, approved the start of a project to write a standard to offer guidance on the inspection of stage and studio luminaires. The new project, BSR E1.32-200x, Recommended Practice for the Inspection of Entertainment Industry Luminaires, is designed to help electricians conduct regular inspections of lighting instruments. In working on the BSR E1.19 GFCI project, it became clear to the working group that one of the causes of ground-fault circuit interrupters tripping on stages, in studios, and on location shoots is faulty lighting equipment. Regular inspection would allow faults to be identified and corrected so they aren't risks to personnel or causes of production delays.

Interested parties - anybody who owns, rents, uses, inspects, or repairs stage and studio luminaire - -are invited to participate in the project by joining the Electrical Power Working Group or by participating in future public reviews of the draft document. Information about joining this working group and others is available at

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Standards Under Review

Three standards documents are available for public review from now through the end of the day April 11, 2006.

ANSI E1.3-2001, Entertainment Technology-Lighting Control Systems-0 to 10V Analog Control Specification, is being considered for reaffirmation without any changes.

ANSI E1.14-2001, Entertainment Technology-Recommendations for Inclusions in Fog Equipment Manuals, is being considered for reaffirmation without any changes.

BSR E1.9-200x, Reporting Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Entertainment Lighting, is a revised version of the existing ANSI E1.9-2001. The standard is approaching its fifth anniversary and action needs to be taken to keep the document active, but the existing standard has not been used widely because it has a great number of requirements.

The public review response forms (and the revised, free draft standard for luminaries) are available at

For more information, contact: Karl G. Ruling, Technical Standards Manager, e-mail:

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