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Conference & Stage Expo
For the Record
Conference A Record-Breaker

With more than 4,000 people in attendance, the 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Toronto broke records for attendance. Numerous positive comments for the quality of sessions, and their variety, indicate that the 2005 event has set a standard for future conferences to reach.

Stage Expo also broke records (see related story) with exhibitors praising the event.

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World Stage Design a Success

The first ever World Stage Design exhibit attracted thousands of visitors and drew rave reviews, especially the opening ceremonies which drew an international crowd. Eric Fielding, head of WSD 2005, received a Special Citation from USITT for his work to bring the outstanding exhibition from concept to reality. A follow up report on WSD, along with information on the medal winners, will be available in future issues of Sightlines.

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World Congress Draws Crowd

Watch for reports on the very successful OISTAT World Congress, hosted in Toronto by USITT and CITT/ICTS. Election results and information on special OISTAT sessions are currently being compiled.

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Scholarship Winners from H & H

Winners of the H & H Specialties, Inc. Student Scholarship were able to thank Reid Neslage and colleagues for their generous support during the 2005 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. The students have shown a continuing commitment to USITT by being members for at least a year, and were chosen in a random drawing.

This year's winners, shown below, came from the east and west coasts, and places in between, to attend the conference.

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