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All of the projects accepted for Tech Expo 2009 will be included in the display which is part of Stage Expo, as this huge "paper" crane was in 2007.

Photo/Tom Thatcher

Tech Expo - Show and Tell

Rob Kerby
Tech Expo Chair

Remember show and tell from grade school? It was a great chance to show off something special.

USITT's Tech Expo is the technical version of show and tell, and the great thing about it is that those who enter have the opportunity to be chosen for a cash prize.

Let's face it, people who have great ideas like to show off every once in a while and the Tech Expo is a great way to show off to the rest of USITT at the 49th Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Cincinnati. However the deadline of October 31 is rapidly approaching. Those who have had the opportunity to create a unique production element or device are encouraged to share it with everyone. Remember all areas of production are included in the tech expo: scenery, lighting, sound, props, costumes, special effects. Entering a project for Tech Expo is not difficult. Click here to download the application form, and click here to download the submission instructions.

Tech Expo is a great way for members in academic theatre to get published in a juried publication as well as an opportunity for students to show their stuff and build their portfolios. The Tech Expo Committee encourages all who have risen to a production challenge to take a moment and write an article, assemble pictures and drawings, and enter Tech Expo.

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