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Hundreds of aircraft across many decades, such as the jet at left, are on view at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. A one-day trip is planned prior to the start of the 2009 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo in March.


Ohio Valley Aids in PDWs, Session Programs

Kathie Brookfield
Cincinnati Promotions Coordinator

Fourteen Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) will be offered in March prior to the 2009 USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo and over two hundred sessions will be held during the regular conference. Three members of the Ohio Valley Regional Section where the Conference will be located -- Tammy Honesty, Brian Ruggaber, and Kathie Brookfield -- stepped forward last November volunteering to serve on the Conference Committee as Programming Co-Coordinators and Promotions Coordinator.

Ms. Honesty took the lead on programming and Ms. Brookfield serves as Promotions Coordinator of the 2009 event. Part of their job is to provide the Conference Committee and Commissioners ideas using regional resources and possible ideas for regional programming. The three began brainstorming in January at the airport while waiting for the flight back to Cincinnati from Houston where they met with the Conference Committee planning the 2008 event to "learn the ropes" of putting together the annual event.

Back home, Ms. Honesty organized and typed the list and presented it at the Ohio Valley Section board meeting where more information and ideas were gathered. Many of the regional PDW and session ideas were picked up by the Commissions and will be incorporated into the program of PDWs and regular conference session offerings.

It is important to register for the PDWs early, as soon as the registration opportunity is available, to ensure a spot and allow the committee to evaluate enrollment. Online registration is now open at Here is a preview of the PDW's using the regional resources in the Ohio Valley Section:

The PDW session Make It & Break I, is a two day workshop giving 15 participants hands-on experience with a large variety of mold making techniques with Smooth-On products and techniques for making breakaway glass and bottles.

Participants will make practical castings from their molds. Plans are to hold the event in the Historic Music Hall. The session will be chaired by Rick Clever and include panelists Brad Frikkers, John Lavarnway, and Tristan Cupp. Participants can visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and enjoy a guided tour of the lighting installation featuring extensive numbers of ETC fixtures. The day-long trip to Dayton, Ohio allows ample opportunities to explore the National Museum, which celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2008. The world's largest military aviation museum features more than 400 aerospace vehicles. The session is chaired by Raymond A. Kent, CTS, Associate, and Jill Maurer.

The Lighting Commission session, Photographing Your Lighting Design, chaired by Tom Grabowski will include one of USITT's Conference Photographers, Richard Finkelstein as a panelist. The session is planned for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on March 17.

The Technical Production Commission is sponsoring Designing and Rigging Simple Performer Flying Effects. Delbert Hall will conduct this workshop that includes a classroom session on the physics and principles of rigging simple performer flying systems and a hands-on section allowing participants the opportunity to work with many of the systems and see how they work. Other topics included are equipment venders, choreography, and working with a professional flying effects company. This session is planned for Xavier University in Cincinnati.

Health & Safety Commission is offering up to 30 participants the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Voluntary Compliance Training chaired by David Glowacki with local OSHA representatives leading the training on Tuesday and Wednesday Center. The sessions will cover safety and health regulations and is appropriate for both entry level and experienced workers. Topics include walking and working surfaces, exit routes, emergency action plans, fire prevention plans, fire protection electrical safety, personal protective equipment, hazard communication, fall protection, blood borne pathogens, and introduction to industrial hygiene.

Scene Design Commission is offering two PDWs on Tuesday. Now You See It, Now You Don't: Painting With UV Sensitive Pigment will be chaired by Susan Crabtree with panelists Kim Lions and Ann Clark. It will take place at Historic Music Hall and offer 20 participants the chance to be guided through a project using UV sensitive pigments while painting under UV light. From Model to Monumental/Studio to Stage, chaired by Ms. Honesty, offers 16 participants a chance to be guided through the advanced techniques of model making and using models as a sketching tool, photographing models, incorporating natural elements, and sculpting by master model makers/scenic designers Paul Shortt, Tom Umfrid, and Mr. Ruggaber. This session will be at the Duke Energy Center.

The Sound Commission is offering Making the Leap to Digital Consoles on Tuesday at the College Conservatory of Music on the University of Cincinnati Campus. Only 20 participants will have this opportunity. Chuck Hatcher, sound design and technology faculty at CCM, chairs and hosts this session with industry professionals Jim Van Bergen and Drew Dalzell. During this hands-on session, participants will learn what to expect from digital mixing consoles and how to harness their power and flexibility for a production.

For more information on all the Professional Development Workshops and tours to be offered before the start of the 2009 Annual Conference & Stage Expo, visit and follow the Professional Development Workshop dropdown from the Sessions tab.

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