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USITT Treasurer Larry Hill is always looking for opportunities to promote USITT's future. He is shown here during the organization's Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in March 2006.

Photo/R. Finkelstein

by Barbara E.R. Lucas
Sightlines Editor


Many Helping to Secure USITT's Future

"Now is the time to join your friends" urged Larry Hill, USITT's Treasurer, as he talked recently about the continuing USITT@50 fundraising effort.

Why? For Mr. Hill, the answer is simple. "It is time to step up and ensure a continuing financial base for our efforts supporting and rewarding excellence. At the conclusion of the 2006 Annual Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville, the USITT@ 50 fundraising campaign has commitments of $339,875 toward 'Securing Our Future.' "

In addition to the $96,125 of five-year gifting to celebrate USITT's 50th year, the total reflects direct and estate gifts, the permanent funding of The Rising Star Award and two Young Designers and Technicians Awards -- the Robert E. Cohen award in Sound Achievement and the KM Fabrics, Inc. Technical Production award.

Individual givers, led by the Board of Directors 97 percent participation rate and 29 Fellows of the Institute, have stepped forward with significant support. This provides a solid foundation for awards, grants, and supporting student and international activities.

The dollars already received or committed will go toward these critical mission-driven activities.

Corporate members of the Institute, such as Entertainment Lighting Services and Rosco Laboratories, Inc. have begun or continue to support its mission and specific programs. Another example of this is support from Vincent Lighting Systems. All these gifts are greatly appreciated and these and other corporate givers are esteemed for their long-term commitments.

Mr. Hill urged all members to take the time to download a letter of intent, available here, for the five-year giving campaign. USITT @ 50 intentions made by June 30 are eligible for a 50 percent match to the gift. Members can direct their money be placed in the special USITT Fund, the International Fund, the Edward F. Kook Fund, or the Student Activities Program of the New Century Fund. "If you direct $100 a year to the fund of your choice, the result at the end of five years is $750 added to the principal" Mr. Hill said.

"I join Dick Durst, Honorary Campaign Chair, in giving our thanks to everyone who has joined in this campaign. We hope donors saw the smiles of people receiving awards and grants at the Conference in Louisville, and understand what a vital part they have played in creating those programs," Mr. Hill said. "We hope others will join them in `Securing our Future.' so that vital work can continue."

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