October 2014

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October 2014

LiNK to Grad Schools in Atlanta
USITT and SETC are teaming up to present Link, an affordable interviewing and networking event for grad school candidates November 14 and 15... more »

Gateway Program Expands -- Accepting Applications
Any student or early career person from an under-represented group should apply for assistance to attend the Annual Conference before the November 1 deadline... more »

Joins Staff as Marketing Strategist
Gabrielle Chiddy, a recent graduate, will be working to enhance USITT's presence in the performing arts and entertainment communities and beyond... more »

Working to "Green Up" College Productions
The Broadway Green Alliance has a new award to encourage environmentally-friendlier productions on college and university campuses... more »

Charles Williams, Staying Active at 81
USITT Fellows and Past President of the Institute Chuck Williams is still connected to the Institute... more »

30,000 Records in Theatrical Database
Having a huge collection of materials is one thing, getting it into a form which can be useful is the goal of the Theatre Historical Society... more »

Theatre Consultants Issue Venue Challenge — Deadline 10/17
The American Society of Theatre Consultants is again challenging students to work with consultants to change venues…and there will be prizes... more »

From the President – Changing Perceptions
Sharing a basis to start and creating a climate where change can occur is just the start of the process of shifting perceptions... more »

USITT's Executive Director – Box? What Box
For some of us, the puzzle is more about how to use the materials at hand to build something better than the perception of the container... more »

Costume Posters Wanted
Creative Costume Posters will be featured at a session at the 2015 Annual Conference. Do you have an idea which needs to be shared??... more »

A New Look at Costume History
Not everyone has the same view on how to approach the history of costumes, and in 2015, the subject will be fascinating... more »

Terrence Spivey Brings his Viewpoint to Cincinnati
The actor, director, educator, and leader of Karamu House will bring his energy to USITT as Keynote speaker in Cincinnati... more »

Tours to Highlight Queen City
Cincinnati, and its surroundings, will star in several sessions as part of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo next March... more »

Registration Opens in October
... more »

The Last Word – Feng Shui Me - the result
See what the creative workspace of Elizabeth Popiel looks like after a transformation based on the ideas presented in a session in 2014... more »